CSTB VA Meeting Minutes 8th June 2017


Meeting: CSTB VA meeting to agree EU VA draft

8th June 2017

Attendees present:

Bill Skeates, Sky

Robert Turner, Arris

Anna Ma, Sky

Frank Braeutigam, Deutsche Telekom

Rainer Schuermann, Deutsche Telekom

Patrice Mignot, Technicolor

Fletcher Hooper, SmardTV

Nesen Surmeli, Independent inspector

Meeting minutes Actions
1 Agreement of the last meeting minutes

No comments were provided.


Actions from the meeting minutes


Access to the VA account had been problematic since the handover from the previous chairman to the current one. With limited access to the account, this has meant works could not be actioned or are much delayed.


Since last year, a notable number companies have left or have gone silent over the Voluntary Agreement leading to some concerns over the representation of 70% market share as stipulated under the VA guidelines (80% imposed by this committee). A commissioned work to conduct the current market share situation was agreed by the signatories.


With regards to the work to be commissioned for the market share, there were quotes for a comprehensive study or a simplified summary of works. These will be decided once the situation with outstanding fees have been addressed.



·         Deadline for the 8th August giving a two month period for remaining companies to submit VA membership fees.

·         Encourage all signatories to provide new contact details and names for any other potential VA signatories to be contacted by this VA.

















All VA Signatories

2 Tier 3  and 4 Energy and non-energy requirements


·         Over the next 3 weeks, general consensus will be sought for proposed energy requirements in Tier 3 with the Commission. For tier 4 and non-energy requirements, a project plan/ route map will be developed with separate discussions planned for this year.

·         In general, no further comments was provided over the proposed energy requirements in tier 3 and 4 of the VA. The IEEE will be taking into account the tier 3 requirements and discussions will be had in September this year.


·         The validity of the VA draft will depend on the exact market share representative. A further discussion will be had if this falls under 70%.


·         Non-energy requirements will need to be phased in separately. With the currently timescale, it would not be possible to implement all of the non-energy requirements this year. Review of the project plan/ route map scope will be discussed in October.


·         The October meeting will be held in Brussels as per VA guideline requirement to have at least one face to face meeting.



3 Clear definition of CSTB


Changes to the definition of CSTB have been amended for in Annex F.19 to reflect the “managed” serviced to subscribers.


“Service Provider” means an entity that, whether by cable, satellite, terrestrial or telecommunications, provides video (and possibly other) content to subscribers with whom it has an ongoing managed relationship including control of billing and content delivery. A Service Provider in the context of the Voluntary Agreement is one that supplies its own or uses other OEM CSTBs and has a managed relationship with the subscriber.


4 Increasing the number of signatories

Refer to Item one this document.


Plan to implement more effective publicity on the VA such as through the use of forums, etc. will be discussed once the report on market share is completed.  Understanding is needed on the reason for those who chose not to join. The joining criteria has been agreed on and effort to increase number of signatories will be discussed accordingly.


5 Required actions from all VA members on the new version of the draft VA


No further comments and suggested changes were made on the changes to the proposed tier 3 during the 3 week deadline (to the end of October 2016).


Tier 4 items will be considered separately and discussed in October this year.


6 Additional Actions since Oct 2016


·         A draft VA was submitted to the European Commission for further comments early this year. No responses have been provided by the European Commission as of the date of this VA conference call. A draft letter will be prepared by the chairman and will be officially sent via letter and email to the European Commission.


·         In parallel to the draft letter preparation, the chairman will organise a telephone conference call with the European Commission representative to discuss the VA’s current situation.


·         Robert Turner will prepare and provide the excel spreadsheets of the new calculation against the tier 3 requirements for the independent inspector. This will be completed by the end of this month (end of June 17) for the independent inspector’s review.


Website attacks and costs for a new site

Quite a few attacks were found aimed at the VA website recently and so far, this has been dealt with as it crops up. There are concerns over the risks these attacks posed as this is hosted on Sky’s domain. Suggestions were put forward to set up a new site independent of the VA signatories.  Preliminary quote suggests that the new site would require £20,000 to set up and £5,000 to maintain. The decision of the new site will be discussed after the work on market share is completed. The old website will be kept open until August.


Administration proposal

Suggestion put forward to take on an independent company (i.e. consultant, etc.) to take up the administrative burden such as chasing company payments, website management, PR communication, etc. Consideration will be discussed after the market share report has been completed.


Any other amendments

Last year’s reporting was submitted in September from all signatories. To review and align contact details, the independent inspector has agreed to provide the email list of those who submitted the reports last year.



Depending on the outcome of the market share report, an agenda item for the October meeting will be prepared on the report submission. Discussions will also include possible fees reflecting size of the company the signatories to reflex the fairness between SMEs and large corporations.


Engagement between the independent inspector (Nesen) and manufacturers/service providers (Patrick) on compliance testing for products under the VA guidelines will be held. Current processes used is considered very challenging for both parties and can be streamlined.  Any changes to the testing process will commence next year. The usual compliance testing will be conducted this year.





Impacts on the VA from updates to the Standby Regulations


Issues raised on the difficulty of meeting the standby regulation for STBs particularly to the 0.3W standby limit. A brief discussion was had and signatories have indicated difficulties particularly for high functioning STBs.



Observation on the results of the reports submitted last year indicated that many companies would struggle to meet aspects of the standby regulation. Various signatories of the VA have offered to provide documentation on the tests and findings. A group comment on the impact the standby regulation has on the STBs will be drafted and recommended to the EC desk officer to bring across views on the standby regulation. A meeting will be organised in August after the market share report is completed.


No other business observed.



Chairman to draft letter

Samsung rep to provide EC contact address

Chairman to get in contact with EC Rep

Rob Turner to prepare new calculations



For VA discussion in August






For VA discussion in August



Independent inspector to provide email list


Chairman to prepare agenda



Independent inspector to discuss with Patrick







VA signatories including Technicolor, SmardTV, Sky, Samsung will provide comments and responses to standby regulation challenges







Agenda Teleconference Meeting 08 June 2017 09:00 to 12:00

Complex Set top box Voluntary Agreement

9:00- 1200 8th June 2017


Register of attendees

Minutes from the last meeting

Actions from the last meeting

Summary Actions

  1. Current status of VA member’s coverage on market share will be conducted.
  2. General Consensus on VA Draft 4
  3. Revised Definition of CSTB
  4. Increasing the number of signatories will be conducted once joining criteria has been agreed on.

Additional Actions since Oct 2016

  • Any updates to the VA Draft
  • Adoption of EU VA Draft 4 in absence of the Commissions Response
  • Financial Requirements access to the accounts and new signatories
  • Website attacks and costs for a new site
  • Administration proposal
  • Impacts on the VA from updates to the Standby Regulations
  • Any other business

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