Equipment for the reception, decoding and interactive processing of digital broadcasting and related services have contributed and will continue to contribute substantially to the electricity consumption of households in the European Union. This Voluntary Agreement aims at reducing the potential electrical load represented by this equipment and at ensuring that the electrical efficiency of equipment required to support digital TV and related services is maximised.

This Voluntary Agreement lays down energy consumption requirements for CSTBs. It is complemented by a Code of Conduct on Digital TV which should be endorsed by any Signatory to this Voluntary Agreement aspiring to the best possible outcomes in the area of energy consumption.

While continual improvements have reduced the environmental impact of CSTBs, the CSTB industry recognises that further improvements must be pursued. It is recognised that the energy consumption of CSTBs is influenced by the services offered, the number of features provided and by the components used.

In addition to the energy efficiency commitments of this Voluntary Agreement, signatories, alongside other interested parties, are working on a Standard for Resource Efficiency (IEEE 1680.6) covering these devices, a link for those interested in joining or following this work can be found here

If you would like more information, or are interested in being a signatory to this Voluntary Agreement, please contact William Skeates who is the current Chair of the Steering Committee.



Voluntary Industry Agreement to improve the energy consumption of Complex Set Top Boxes within the EU